Jordan- A workshop to support Iraqi population census implementation for first time since 1997

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Amman-Jordan 27/02/2020

The United Nations Population Fund “UNFPA” held a workshop in the Jordanian capital, Amman, in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi government, civil, and international agencies, this is to support efforts to implement the general population and housing census in Iraq to be implemented at the end of this year, and the spokesman for the Ministry of Planning, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, confirmed that this census is the first to be implemented in Iraq after 2003, when Iraq has not seen a population census since 1997, pointing that Iraq needs a complete and comprehensive database on all details of life, and this data and the base are provided only by the population census, he also added that the census for 2020 will be implemented for the first time electronically, and the census will be safe to support development policies, and through it the numbers of the human mass will be identified in each geography, and the extent of its need of schools, hospitals, infrastructure and other services.

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