Tunisia – Fakhfakh government has won confidence of Parliament

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Tunis – Tunisia 27/02/2020

The government of Elias El-Fakhfakh won the confidence of the Tunisian Parliament, and the government won the confidence of 129 of the 201 deputies who participated in voting out of 217 deputies in a 14-hour session, After Fakhfakh won the trust, parliamentarians stressed the need for the new government to start implementing the Tunisian revolution’s political entitlements, with regard to dismantling the corruption system, implementing freedom of expression, and building bridges of trust between the government and the people, and the social by fixing the imbalances facing the societal system, the most prominent of which is the fight against crime, as well as the economic one, by finding a solution to the problem of high prices and preserving the value of the national currency in order to advance the living reality of the Tunisian citizen, which was promised by Fakhfakh during his speech to gain confidence from Parliament.

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