Yemen – Aden cisterns are a testament to the ancient Yemeni civilization

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Aden Province – Yemen 26/02/2020

In the city of Crater in the southern Province of Aden, the cisterns of Aden are shrouded in mystery in terms of the date of their origin and the prevailing view around its construction which has passed through multiple historical stages, the first of which was in the 15th century BC during the kingdom of Saba, 55 cisterns as estimated by researchers were built to provide water to the local population and to protect Aden from torrential rains, most of them are buried or damaged, and only 18 cisterns remained, absorbing about 20 million gallons of water flowing in Wadi Al-Twila, northwest of Crater, its unique architecture has made it a destination for tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world until it became one of the the most important historical monuments in Aden because of its manifestation of the depth of the ancient Yemeni civilization.


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