Tunisia – Summit discuss government formation crisis

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Tunisia – Tunis 13/02/2020

Under the title “The formation of the government between the compulsions of reality and possible solutions”, the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy organized a press conference at its headquarters in Tunis, in the presence of party leaders, with the aim of discussing the issue of  prime minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh excluding a number of parties from consultants to form his government, participants portrayed that the exclusion of some parties disrupts the democratic process in the formation of the government and puts Fakhfakh in-front of a moral dilemma, pointing to the existence of lobbies that indirectly affecting and partisan maneuvers to control specific ministerial portfolios, while some attributed the crisis of forming the government to some legal texts that must be amended to reduce partisan fragmentation that harms the passage of laws within parliament and the consensus on a government that satisfies all sides.


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