Jordan- National campaign demands the gas agreement to be dropped in response to deal of the century

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Amman-Jordan 10/02/2020

The Jordanian national campaign to drop the gas agreement held a press conference today, at the headquarters of the Communist Party in the capital, Amman, I deplored the country’s continuation of the gas agreement with Israel after US President Donald Trump announced the details of the century’s deal, the general coordinator of the campaign dr. Hisham Al-Bustani stressed that the response to the century deal will be to drop the gas agreement and dismantle the economic and security link between Jordan and Israel, this was confirmed by the Secretary General of the Jordanian Communist Party Faraj Tomezi and the representative of the Islamic Action Front Khaled Al-Juhani, who called on the government to stop normalization with Israel in all its forms. The campaign also announced its intention to organize a march next Friday under the title “Responding to the deal of the century: dropping the gas agreement.”

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