Iraq: Uncle Yousef Struggles in displacement camp

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Uncle Yousef fled the city of Mosul after ISIS domination during the summer of 2014, and since that time he is no longer Yousef Yacoub the owner of the big house as he left all of his properties in the city and carried the memories of more than eighty years and fled to live alone in a Caravan at Ashti camp in the Kurdistan region for the displaced Christians.


After he owned a large house in Mosul, Uncle Yousef lived in a caravan in Ashti camp for displaced Christians in Ankawa region in Erbil.

Yousef spent more than fifty years working in the creation of buildings and lived with a very good financial condition. He built a large house in the city of his parents and grandparents in Mosul, he lived with his partner and eight children who were displaced to different countries as ISIS displaced them out of Mosul after robbing them of all their possessions

Uncle Joseph is exhausted with asthma that makes it very difficult for his to take a breath and he talks with pain and heartbreak for the injustice done to him and his family by the elements of ISIS.




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