Iraq-After series of assassinations and Al-Khilani massacre, the protesters insist to continue

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Baghdad- Iraq 09/12/2019

In spite of a series of assassinations and kidnappings that continued to affect a number of activists and protesters in the capital, Baghdad, and different governorates, and after the events of the massacre of Al-Sinak and Al-Khilani that took place last Friday, in which more than 20 people were killed and others wounded by masked gunmen, Iraqi protesters still insist on continuing their protests and to stay in the sit-in squares in the capital Baghdad until the fulfillment of their demands, and Iraqis have been calling for more than two months to change the political class that has monopolized power for 16 years, they accuse it of corruption, nepotism, and subordination to Iran, the protestors stressed the willingness of the people of Baghdad for the arrival of the people of the provinces tomorrow to the sit-in squares in central Baghdad, and that is according to what was declared about a couple of days ago, about the arrival of crowds from all governorates to the Iraqi capital.

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