Yemen – After the return of assassinations… Large-scale security campaign in Aden

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Aden province – Yemen 08/12/2019

Kamal al-Alami, a security commander in the security zone in the Mansoura district sector of Aden, said in a special statement to Arab 24 that the security campaign launched by the security authorities in the interim capital Aden in southern Yemen is aimed at confiscating all motorcycles and cars without any official numbers and papers, in addition to unlicensed weapons, al-Alami added that motorcycles, unnumbered cars and unlicensed weapons were all used in the assassinations in Aden, which have killed a number of security officials in recent days, this campaign comes in accordance with directives issued by the Arab Coalition Forces Command in Aden yesterday evening, hours after several assassinations targeting security leaders from the security belt and police.

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