Syria: The Religions forum

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Representatives of religions that coexist met in Aljazeera district in northern Syria in an intellectual forum which brought together Muslims, Christians and Yazidis aiming for the fraternity and love amid the fierce attacks by ISIS on the region.





Under the slogan “Religion forum of Aljazeera District” representatives of all religions coexisting in northern Syria met, Muslims and Christians and Yazidi with the aims of brotherhood and love in light of attacks by ISIS on their areas.
Both the representatives of the three religions that co-exist with mutual understanding between the religions in the same society components is the only way to live in peace and security away from the extremism that was transmitted by some groups to kill the community.
It is noteworthy that Aljazeera district in northern Syria, has Kurdish and Syriac population in Alqamishliband Ras Alayn and the three religions of Islam and Christianity as well as Yazidis.



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