Syria: Return of electricity to Kobani.

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Many of the regions of Kobani in northeastern Aleppo was experiencing power outage since three years, after the control of ISIS organization on Tishrin Dam in October and by destroying it by 85%. Syria democratic forces succeeded in liberating the dam at the beginning of this year, and they are working directly in Kobani to restore electricity to the city


Tishrin Dam is the second largest dam after revolution Dam in northern Syria, and feeds many areas in the Syrian province Kobani with electric power, and these areas suffered since 2014, after the control of ISIS organization and the cut off power to the regions of Syria for three years, With the beginning of this year, Syria’s democratic forces managed to liberate the dam, and work directly on the formation of contingency room in Kobani to repair the electricity grid to restore electricity to Kobani and other areas.
The destruction to the electricity reach up to 85% and the contingency room fixed around 45% and restored electricity to many regions in Kobani and its countryside but the lack of material including cable, generators, towers is disrupting the fixing process.



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