Tunisia: Tunisian and French Foreign ministers press conference.

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The Tunisian Foreign ministry held a press conference with the French minister of Foreign affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault and his Tunisian counterpart Khamis Aljuhainawi to for political, economical and military cooperation between the two countries.



Tunisian Foreign Ministry in Tunisia held a press conference between French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his Tunisian counterpart Khamis Aljuhainawi, the two sides discussed ways of cooperation between France and Tunisia, as they discussed the issues of Libya and peace in the Middle East.
Ayrault stressee the importance of addressing the attacks of terrorism in Tunisia, and the defense of the people democracy, and he stressed the importance of not having a place for terrorism in Tunisia, and expressed his condolences on the death of civilians and troops from the Tunisian army in the events of Tunisia, and the Tunisians are suffering from major economic problems, and that France will support Tunisia with 20 million euros this year, to promote security cooperation, and improve the economic situation in Tunisia.



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