Palestine: Gaza Zoo

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Khan Younis zoo, located south of the Gaza Strip, transformed into something that resembles a ghost town, after the death of a large number of animals because of hunger, especially after the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2014, in which the park suffers a shortage of financial resources due to the small number of visitors and the difficult economic situation.

As a result of the war, the siege, and the economic hardships that Gaza Strip suffered from, Khan Younis zoo, in the southern area of Gaza Strip, became an abandoned city, after it had been an outlet for Gazans and an entertaining site for children. The zoo is offering its animals for sale, rather than displaying them to visitors, after about two hundred of them died of hunger, unable to provide health care, as a result of the deteriorating economic conditions in Gaza Strip since the outbreak of the 2014 war that lasted seven weeks, which hindered the provision of food into the zoo.

The zoo’s owner is negotiating the sale of a hungry tiger for about 23 thousand dollars for a Gaza resident, who is rearing lion cubs. Among the offered animals, are ostrich, turtle, pelican bird, and a deer.



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