Yemen: Taiz destruction statistics

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The Yemeni group for Development and Reconstruction are working on the reconstruction of scientific, cultural, and vital regions that was destroyed by the war as they are trying to illuminate the lives of Taiz people




Taiz and families there are suffering from misery and hard life conditions but as an attempt to return life to the city, a group of Yemeni people are cooperating with Yemeni group of development and Reconstruction decided to return the life to the people of Taiz.
Local companies are working with government and with local and foreign support of Arabs and friends to rebuilt the city and return life to it after all its suffering so a the Yemeni group decided to start and the first goal is to do a Comprehensive inventory for shops, commercial centers and facilities for the city before rebuilding and Reconstruction.
This is achieved by the cooperation of Taiz members to be able to construct 1997 private facility, 161 service facility and 83 vehicles where some are partially or completely destroyed.



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