Egypt – Finding a mummification workshop in the Saqqara area of Al-Jizah

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Saqqara – Al-Jizah – Cairo – Egypt 15/7/2018

After an archaeological survey in ​​Al-Sawy cemetery in the south of the Pyramid of Unas in Saqqara in Al-Jizah governorate, the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Khalid Al-Anani, announced that the Egyptian-German joint archaeological expedition found a mummification workshop in which more than 35 Pharaonic mummies dating to the era of the families 26 and 27, between the fifth and seventh centuries BC, in addition to 5 rock coffins, a number of canopic and pottery vessels, a gold-plated mask covered with precious stones that covered the head of a mummy. This came at a press conference held in the workshop area in front of the archaeological discovery.

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