Jordan: Clashes with ISIS

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The Jordanian forces foiled an extremist plan of ISIS organization members in Irbid province on North Jordan according to information from Jordanian intelligence after clashes with the extremist group that ended in killing 7 of them and arresting 13 others.



Irbid camp in North Jordan witnessed clashes between the Jordanian security forces and a group of ISIS organization extremists where Jordanian forces foiled their plans which targeted military and civil places in the country.

The clashes lasted for more than 12 hours but the security forces took precautionary measures by closing nearby shops and centers and they surrounded Irbid camp region to forbid people from entering. According to information received from the Jordanian intelligence that ISIS terrorists started shooting towards the security forces with automatic weapons but the Jordanian security succeeded in killing 7 terrorists who wore suicidal belts and arrested 13 others, on the other hand a Jordanian captain was killed and 5 others injured.

An amount of ammunition, weapons, explosives and detonators was found which were held by the terrorist group in the city.



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